03 Nights In California.txt

I am a well traveled executive working in Fortune 5 MNC. I am well traveled and have experiences worth for this site from all corners in the world. One fine day, I received an email from a colleague of mine from US. It was a forwarded email from my former colleague whom I had a crush on during the early days of my first company. But at that times there was only a formal discussion with this lady and let’s call her Nancy. Nancy was trying to find me and don’t know why. Somehow after repeated emails from her from all possible ways like LinkedIn, Facebook etc, I decided to give her my number. And within 24hrs, I received a call from US number and here she was speaking to me and inviting me to come to US. I have been there many times for official board meetings etc, but then this was tempting.

I was also not sure what is in her mind and to test the waters I asked her jokingly, “Nancy, you know whom you are inviting a tall and handsome Indian guy can you handle me”? And I was amazed with her reply “Vijay, you will not be disappointed”. I was stunned. I told her that I will be there just give me time. In the mean time, we got used to talking a lot with each other over the phone. I booked my flight to California along with my business meetings. Just when I was about to leave India, she told me that she is separated from her husband as he can’t satisfy her. Anyway, there are more stories to these separations than one can imagine. I reached California and she came to pick me up. We hugged at the airport and she took me to her house. She looked like Bipasa may be a size small. I held her in my arms and started to kiss.

While moving my hand I felt wetness in her thighs and then I realized how much she wanted it. In few min, we both were cuddling in bed and I asked here “where do you want fulfillment first”? She said “pussy”. Then we had rocking sex. After that we took a shower and went for dinner and sightseeing. Night she came to me with a nice and sexy outfit. I just made her lie down and pulled her panties to the side and put my tongue inside. Guess what she jumped. After a long time she was having real pleasure. She got two orgasms after which she wanted my dick inside. She whispered “Vijay, now since you have cum in the day, make love to me “, I knew she was starved. I told her “here is the cock does the honors”. She responded by taking it in her mouth licked it perfectly and then slide it in her pussy a shaved one. And it was so wet that I was able to slide on her body. Then I made her lie on her stomach and lied on her back and slide my cock in here pussy again. Guys, this possible if both couple are physically fit. It’s amazing. After orgasm, we both slept just to wake up early in morning to have a breakfast of cock and pussy.

Next day was even more interesting. We both remained nude for whole day. When I came out of shower, she grabbed by cock, made me sit down and stared to suck it. I was like in heaven whole body wet and here is this beauty sucking and making my cock a monster. I told her; hey what you want. She said, “I want to taste man’s semen, any problems Vijay”. Now since I had 5 orgasms previous night. I knew it was be sometime before I came. Sometimes she was licking my cock like a candy and sometime gobbling it up in her mouth, sometimes she stood up to give deep French kiss and then go down.

After that she lied on the sofa and looked at him asking me to finger her pussy. She was too tight even for two fingers but slowly I inserted three fingers. And then she started to press my balls slowly. Man what a feeling. And my cock erupted in pleasure. She diligently didn’t allow even one drop to go waste. Once done she stood up on the sofa and made me eat her pussy rather drink her pussy. It was tasty just a like a virgin; touched for the very first time. We went out for lunch. She asked “Vijay you must have fucked a lot of women right” and I said “No”. She was surprised, and said that it was not possible. I said that I never fucked any woman.

I always made love to them. She got up and kissed me right between 50 people sitting in the restaurant. And then she said I need one more thing and I asked what? She said that you really need to suck here nipples and knead her boobs. Now most men are almost experts in that. I just smiled. We went home and it was her turn to get orgasms (two) by getting her boobs sucked and mauled. I have never seen any woman drips constantly like her and drip may be an understatement.

One more day passed and then it was time to go. Three days went like a dream. In the process, we fell in love with each other. She went to drop me at the airport and when I was in the check in queue. I came out of it went to her, held her in my arms, kissed her and said “I love you Nancy”. She responded shyly “me too”. And our love affair started. She asked me to marry her and I told that for that either she should move to India or me to California. Long distance doesn’t work. We both moved on and she got married. But trust me those three days were like ‘wow 3 din’ for my life. Let me know if you like this story and I can then post more of my loving sexual escapades from round the world. My email is: [email protected]