101 nights of great sex.txt

Hello!! All ISS fans. As it seems that I have endless stories for u! Are u enjoying them or not??? There is another fucking and sucking story for u. As you all are aware of me that I am Abhishek , 18 male living in east Delhi. The story is not real. It does not match to any living being present on earth. It is made by me only for your enjoyment .if anybody having any questions, comments or anything to say about the story can freely mail me on [email protected] or [email protected] enjoy it dudes and babes. The story starts from here…

The sunlight reflected off the hood of my van as I turned onto my street. I’d been running errands all day and was finally heading home. I had left my very happily satisfied husband at home. I gave him some time to rest and enjoy this beautiful day in some small amount of peace. My daughters were spending the weekend with their father, which gave us a few days to spend unwinding together and get some quality time alone, no interruptions. After the children had left last night, I had ambushed my husband with the wildest night we have ever had together. I have to admit (blushing) I had gone quite wild, as I had gotten into the role-playing. Doing the strip tease to the blaring rock music and the strobe light made me so very hot. I had never felt so completely free to express my wild side of my sexuality before; it was definitely a learning experience. That book I had gotten the idea from was a great buy! Who’d have known you could experience such things with your mate. Roy and I had each torn a page out of the book, “101 Nights of Great Sex” in which we promised that sometime in the next coming week that we would seduce our mate some new and erotic way. I had done the strip tease for Roy last night. I wonder what Roy has planned for me. Reaching home, I pulled my mini van into the drive and parked it. After turning it off and collecting my purse and dry cleaning, I headed into the house. The entire house was so quite, I just assumed that Roy had gone out. Setting my keys and purse on the table by the door, I walked through the house.

“Roy, I’m home, where are you?” I called out looking in the kitchen. Not having found him, I decided to change my clothes and relax. I walked towards my bedroom, stopping only to remove my sneakers, then continuing to my room. This is where I find Roy, lying on my bed, holding a red rose and smiling. “Hi, didn’t you hear me call you?” I asked smiling at the Cheshire cat grin he was wearing. “And just why are you smiling at me that way?”

“Well last night was so fantastic, I thought it was time I finished this weekend with my own seduction.” Roy states as he offers the rose to me. “Here’s to our new sex life.”

As I reach for the rose, Roy’s other hand swings around from behind him, grasping my wrist in his, yanking me toward him, and forcing me to tumble on top of his reclining body.

“Mmm! Now that you have me here, what are you going to do to me?” I lean down, gently kiss his smiling lips. I can’t remember the last time his eyes were so full of fire and lust. Seeing him like this is starting to turn me on. Spreading my thighs I sit up straddling him. His hands caress my ribs as I remove my shirt, then my bra, leaning down to kiss him again. It’s not long before we are moaning and kissing deeper, enjoying the rough texture of his hands on my smooth skin. Quickly he flips me onto my back. Now he’s straddling me, taking both wrists in one of his hands, he pins them over my head. With a strange look in his eyes, his right hand cups my chin firmly.

“Tonight my little minx, you are my sex toy, to do with as I will and you will be as obedient as I was for you last night. Do you understand my pet?” Looking into Roy’s face, I was a bit nervous; I saw almost an angry demeanor, one that seemed to vibrate with in his soul. He was almost scaring me. I shook my head in agreement.

“Stand and remove the remainder of your clothes, Pet!” Roy ordered. “Then lie down on the bed, head at the foot and on your tummy.”

With a question in my eyes, I comply and remove my slacks and panties to the floor. Keeping my eyes on Roy’s face as I climb onto the bed, my head at the foot, and lie down on my tummy. Roy reaches under my bed and pulls out a red silken cord and wraps it around my right wrist, tying it firmly but not painfully. Then reaching under my armpits, he pulls me to the end of the bed; my head is hanging off, my shoulders barely still on the edge. He then ties my left hand with the cord. I can hear him walk to the top of the bed, take my left foot and tying it, then doing the same to my right foot. I am now lying on my tummy, spread eagle and fully vulnerable to his eyes and hands. Taking a small length of cord, Roy pulled my hair into a make shift ponytail. Then I felt warm oil accompanied with strong hands smoothed over my stretched limbs, then my back, down over each buttock. Roy’s hands felt so wonderful as they slid over my oiled body, my muscles were slowly relaxing, all except my neck, which was starting to ache.

“Roy, this is really uncomfortable, my neck is getting tired.” I stated, hoping he would pull me back onto the bed.


Fire and pain exploded over my right butt cheek! Instantly I try my bonds, pulling and fighting do my best to look up at Roy.

“Hey! What was that for?” I yelled at Roy. Tears threatened to escape my green eyes.


Again fire and pain, but this time on my left cheek. The pain was intense; I hadn’t been spanked since I was twelve years old. My breath stopped in my chest for a brief second as my body did it’s best to accommodate the pain I was experiencing. Tears streamed down my cheeks as sobs wracked my body. I was so confused, why was Roy hurting me? Before the question formed on my lips, Roy began to massage and knead both abused cheeks. The oil had not only aided in the pain but was now making it easy for his hands to slide easily over my skin. The pain had just subsided when he applied another blow to my tail.


Gasping for breath as the pain flooded me again, and then once again his hands were massaging the pain away. A low moan escaped me as he rubbed the reddened flesh. I was seeing the purpose of this exercise, first pain then pleasure. My body was beginning to respond to it as well. Pain, pleasure, spank, and massage the pattern developed, as did the rise in my desire and lust. I can’t believe this is turning me on. It didn’t take long for me to be moaning and purring to the sweet torture.

“Smack!” My body jumps, then relaxes, knowing that his hands will rub out the pain, only this time Roy’s fingers slide in between my cheeks and massage my rosebud. Little circular movements with a finger tip as the other hand continues to rub my tail. An electric charge of pleasure strikes my entire vulva making my clit jump at attention. My breathing has doubled as the sensation wraps around my pelvis. I release a deep moan of ecstasy.

“I knew you would enjoy this my little pet.” Roy says softly, “Do you want more?”

“Yes please.” I whisper, “Please don’t stop!” I beg him.


Gasping for a small amount of air, as I get use to the new pain, then relax as his hands rub out the pain. Again his fingers travel between my open legs, this time they slide through my now dripping lips. My body stiffens at the wonderful intrusion. Roy’s fingers open my dewy petals as they find their way from my rosebud to my swollen nub. My body shakes as renewed pleasure travels over me. Moans and small whimpers fill the room as he continues his explorations. My hips move, trying to get him to enter me, but he just teases the outer edge to my velvet tunnel. My body glistens in the light shining down from the ceiling; a fine sweat joins the scented oil covering my restrained form. Once more he slaps my bottom with force, followed by the massage and gentle probing. My excitement throbs through me. I need satisfaction. I’m so very close to the very edge of my zenith, but it’s just out of reach.

“Please…Roy, my body’s Master, please, make me cum. I need to cum so badly!” I beg weakly, my strength almost gone. With a satisfied smile, Roy roughly slides two fingers deep into my greedy body. My body stiffens, it can’t move much, the restraints are too tight, I scream as my climax wracks my soul, it’s the deepest orgasm I’ve ever had. My cream pours over his fingers as he plunges into me over and over, forcing my climax to last. Scream after scream is ripped out of my body; sweat runs off my face, mixed with pleasure’s tears. Exhausted, I lay, limp on the bed, my head hanging down over the edge. I feel my feet being released, and brought together. A soft towel travels over my hips, butt and thighs, then my shoulders and back. Roy is removing the oil and sweat from my body. I must look strange with my arms akimbo and my head off the bed. I’m too tired to care.

“Pet, get up on your knees.” Roy orders. Too tired to argue I slowly and carefully bring my knees to my chest and find that if I move too fast, I’ll pitch head first to the floor. Roy kneels on the bed behind me. His hands grasp me firmly by the hips. His member, hard and poking me from behind. Roy moves closer, forcing my knees closer to the edge, sudden fear of falling brings me out of my daze as I look at him over my shoulder. With one deep thrust, he mounts me. Roy’s cock, covered in the oil and my body’s own juices aiding in the penetration. Hard and deep, he thrusts, mating me, like a bitch in heat. Grunting at each apex, slamming against my cervix. His hands move to my shoulders, giving him a better grip. Making his cock go even deeper, filling me all the more. My waist length red hair, comes unbound and swings lose, covering my face and touching the floor. It swishes across the carpet with each back and forth thrust from behind. Over and over he rams me, his grunts and my moans fill my ears. The bed creaks at the jerking movements. I can feel the climax sweeping thru me as he plunges into me again. “Oh God Pet, you’re so fucking tight!” Each word accented with a forceful grunt. “God baby, are you ready for me to cum in your sweet pussy?” He questions. My climax rushes to my clit as I scream, “Now! Cum now!” Roy’s body stiffens as his cum floods my clasping hole, milking his twitching cock. I hear him groaning as each rope of his seed splashes inside me, over filling me and running down my open thighs. My body jerks against his, as I seem to cum forever, my cream mixing with his. Spent, both covered in sweat, our bodies entangled, we rest. Moments later Roy slowly removes his body from mine and reaches down and unties my wrists. Rubbing the red marks left behind from my struggles, he kisses each wrist then softly kisses my lips. “I love you Pet.” Covering me with a blanket, and climbing in bed beside me, we hold each other and drift off to sleep. Thinking with a dreamy smile on my lips, 99 pages to go. Good night.