138 Bus In Sri Lanka.txt

Hi! I’m new comer to this Indian sex stories community as an author. Hope you will enjoy my true life scenarios with strangers or one time sex encounters. This is the first of many to come. I’m 28 years old average built with nor or less fat with a tool which pleased many and still willing to serve others as well.

This had happened to me more recently while I was travelling in a very crowded bus in famous 138 route in Sri Lanka.

It was the morning rush hour, I squeezed into the bus which was packed already. I was standing leaning to the bus. After 3 or 4 minutes to the ride someone started leaning to me from my left side then only I noticed this young lady who was standing next to me looking opposite direction. Me being a horny guy myself I too enjoyed her touch from her soft to firm ass movements along my left thigh.

After few jerks she decided to rest herself properly leaning to me now my left thigh is in between her butt cracks which are covered only by 2 layers of thin material. I start getting a massive hard on (I was wearing a tight fit jeans) to tell how significant she too felt it and turned to me and gave a naughty smile, with that positive sign I too thought of advancing a bit. I properly positioned myself in the midst of crowed standing now directly behind her. Other fellow passengers are in their worlds or enjoying like me.

She dropped her left and started caressing my left thigh now I’m in an uncontrollable state … plus leaning to me more and more. Meantime the driver too thought of helping by speeding the bus in that road between the traffic, with this new advancement all were holding to the polls or to the seats near by under that excuse I too held the seat just in front of me encircling this lady which touched her soft milky tummy.

Oh I forgot to tell her features – she is like her late 20s fair and pretty. Height is something like 5 feet and 5 inches. She has one of the best pairs of boobs I ever saw and that round ass can give an instant harden to any living male.

With that touch she turned to me and smiled again. To my surprise she moved bit forward leaving our contact instead she pressed her soft boobs under the saree to my bare hands, she was wearing only the jacket not the bra inside I could feel her nipple too … I felt surprised and happy my facial expressions changed to “O” which she noticed and smile responsively.

She just pulled myself from the hand which she kept on my thighs pressing her back once again to my semi erect penis.

Suddenly she bent a bit pretending that she is checking the place to get off from the bus and that gave me the direct access I think till her lower vagina over her cloths, this time no respond as last times … gathering more courage I dropped my right hand just next and in-between our bodies guy to my right is also playing with his girlfriend doing all sorts of stuff so he really didn’t give much of an attention to me.

Next time when she bend to check the road I kept my fingers in between the butt cracks. She gave a surprising face to me and I smiled finally too returned same manner. I didn’t want to remove my hand so I rested it on her right butt chick and held controlling the mini jerks and strokes to her over cloths.

More people got on to the buss now it’s more packed people who are sitting are fast asleep with gave me more chance to move my left hand more towards the other breast … I can see her enjoying so I grabbed the other breast gently and pressed slowly.

She kept her eyes closed and shouts the mouth tight and extended the neck resting her head on my shoulder level. I felt now I’m in control slowly removed the hand from there and held to the seat in front while I moved my right fingers more in towards where her pussy would be …

She too realized that and bent again like to check where she is going to get off, that my friend was a life changing bent my fingers found the way in pushed little to her pussy sandwiching her panty and saree. I could feel the heat and the wetness to my fingers.

And I pushed bit more when she was coming up then she rested back and said that she is getting down and rang the bell.

Suddenly abandoning my proper plan to travel far I too got off with this one. Soon we kept our feet to ground

Me: excuse me !!!

She: yes

Me: may I talk to you for a second?

She: why not my office it just there you can walk me to there. I’m bit late

To her office we had to walk in a relatively an isolated road where I said that I have some feelings for her and she too said that she too horny after many days without sex since her husband is out of the country for 1 month. I took her hand and kept on my knot in between my legs. She was like how big it is I like to see it.

I told her that I will show her only in one condition. She should show her boobs. She agreed and pulled me to her office and I realized the is the manager of the firm which gave as the best place to be private cabin with attached bathroom/toilet.

As soon as we are in she asked me to show I said you first … with bit of hesitation she removed all till waste level and I directed her to mine. She got my member out without any further notice put it to her mouth. I felt heaven. I started morning softly and touching her big boobs which she is giving one of the best blow jobs I ever had.

I was about to cum and asked her to stop. She turned around and said don’t stop I would love to see you cum … I asked where then she was speechless, I pulled her close and kept kissing while pulling her saree down. Now she is fully naked. I opened her legs saw a bit hairy but a pink pussy without delaying I pushed all the way in she shouted a bit but my mouth was already covering hers. We fucked each other in different positions for 10 min since it’s almost the office hours.

While riding she used to squeeze her vagina to make her cum as well as making me cum. That really worked I came in her like nothing making all wired noises. I left the place soon after that after planning our next meeting.

Did you enjoy the first story of mine. Please let me know the places where I went wrong. If anyone is willing to enjoy with me through skyp typewriter31 or email

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