1st Experience Of Sex With Friend Part I.txt

I’m a Raj! From Bangalore I’m gonna narrate a story how I had my 1st experience with my friend.

She is my mutual friend introduced by my college friend. She good looking and skin tone wow white and me slim. Me meet and developed our friendship and she use to tease a lot that I don’t have girl friends bla bla I never worried one fine day after 6 months she gave me kiss which was my first kiss at the age of 22. I felt awesome and relationship became thick friends one day her parents were out of town and she invited me to her home I did not know that her parents were out of town. I had been to her house I’m inside the house I came to knew that we are alone our conversation started and continued she asked to give a kiss but I did not. I was too much afraid and I said I want move on it’s already 10:30 pm and she send off with sad face. I was there for 2 hours we did not do nothing I’m bit modern cultured. However I’m modern web culture I never had sex. And never saw my friends in wrong way.

Next day evening after coming from her home I felt really bad that I missed a great chance. I would fuck her whole night without limits. Realizing this I msged her and conversation when on she asked why u just ignored me when I asked for kiss I told I never kissed a girl a long back u gave kiss on my chick that’s was my 1st kiss so I said open that I’m afraid of that someone would come I between that see me and smash me .

She: are you virgin?
Me: yes.
She: have seen 18++ videos.
Me: yes.
She: laughed

I become slut now after the conversation.

I said I never got chance will you give another chance and I don’t want to suck my next chance.

She accepted after many talks and I been to pharmacy and took condom with lots of fear and I entered her home.

Bingo the game begins!

We went together to her room after 1 hour talk she got horny and she smooched me! It gave response and have I gave second smooch and moved forward she was wearing t shirt so I entered my hand inside and removed bra from her back she laughed and she lowered her bra from inside t shirt I started pressing hard above t shirt meanwhile I was kissing hard as much I can. We lying in bed I was pressing boobs and she took her one hand and placed on my dick massage gently.

We broke the kiss we saw each other with undressed yourself without breaking eye contact! Now we are completely nude and we lying in bed and kissing for long, she asked condom; I said in pocket; she stood. Wow what a girl what a body I can’t describe I never saw a real beauty I saw in heaven I did move a inch from bead I was lying she took condom and waked me up and she gave me. I don’t know how to wear and she really helped me and done with it. And started kiss and now she was down and I was on top; she holds my dick and guided toward her pussy without wasting time I directly started to fuck her pussy I’m dick went inside pussy she was screaming in pain and after few min’s It was completely inside I started to move the dick then her bed started to making a noise she said yes yes! Fuck you do it do it! You’re doing well do more this is your last chance she gave more cheer up words and fucked we started to sweat each other it was about 15 min and she pushed me! And I slept next to her and both of us up and started to talk

She: idiot your good fucker!
Me: thank you!
She: where did you learn all this?
Me: 18+ video.
She: you’re really good! I never had been fucked like this oh! Boy I really love you!
Me: love you baby! I want try to do all kind of things what they will do in adult video.
She: yes u can! You fucked long time! Let’s have Drink and continue.

She stood and I looked her and slapped her on tights it become pink! She said hey what are trying to do I said you’re so sexy come here even u are too sexy! You have great body Breast and ass! She said you have so big dick what’s your size?
Me: 6 inch I guess and said come here to me I want suck your Breast and pulled her near to me! And she rolled with towel and I removed it. And saw her breast wow it’s so awesome you knew I sucked without hesitation after some time I said my and said I want your pussy to such! She said chee! And argued and made her okay with that I went to near pussy it was clean shaved and she raised her voice and told me it all for you and I cleaned for your sake! I laughed and stated to suck like candy wow it’s really good taste I came to know why everyone like pussy so much.

After sometime I raised my head and told her to suck my cock and hesitated I said don’t do to me! She finally agreed and I stood on floor; she came near dick and forced her to suck I took out condom and she started oh god she sucking like lollipop. I told I’m feeling coming she said wait and lying in bed; she told fuck me now I told condom she said no need I want you to come inside me!

With big eye I asked are you sure she yes you idiot! With hesitation I inserted my dick and started to fuck and I said fuck u idiot your driving me crazy your making me daddy soon. She said I will period soon by this week so no worry u better do fuck me and come inside me and started to fuck and I came suddenly I came completely cane inside her I left my dick inside pussy and slept for while on her she said in my hear baby I can feel your heat inside me ! You’re so great! I got from her and took my dick out and saw her pussy my cum is out from pussy she told please help me take the tissue and clean and I did it. My dick was not cleaned she saw and sucked my penis she cleaned! And finally my dick became loose I lied in bed she rolled towel and she brought thumps up and gave me in glass and drunk and slept! For while and I she said I want second session.

Due to horny I’m stopping the story. I hope you like this story. If u wish I can narrate part II please mail me [email protected] I can only post after your comments that why I gave my mail id.