20 Year Ago It Was Just Me And My Fantasy.txt

Hi, I have been reading this blog for several years. Though some of them were fake, these stories were really motivating and they helped me to have peaceful sleep every night after a nice masturbation. Though I am married, I had a lust for other girls. But I did not attempt for it as I was following the concept of “one for one” and “made for each other”.

So I was reading the stories, used to fantasize while fucking my wife as well as during masturbation. But few years back our relationship broke and I was very badly craving for sex. All my concept vanished and I wanted to fuck others. But I was very much afraid.One of my friend who after knowing my condition of sex starvation (for years…) advised me to fuck someone else to which I was reluctant.

Then slowly I started dreaming of fucking some other lady other than my wife and these storied helped me. Before breaking with my wife, I knew my wife’s friend’s friend who was few km away from my house. She was married with kids but separated from her husband.I never had any bad intention on her.But after breakup, I started to think about her and started to call her (i never used to call her before).

So she was happy and we spoke over phone initially for few min in day time only. Then sms started all day and extended to night also. She asked whats my wife doing and I told my story. She felt sorry for me. I also asked how she is able to control herself of 6 years without hubby. She told she is busy with the kids and its a difficult situation only.

Then our normal conversation moved to sex and I slowly expressed my feeling of having sex with her. She also accepted but where to do is the question. So we kept quiet for some time. She liked me very much and she kept on insisting that she wanted to see me. Finally I got courage and I went in my car in the evening since it will be bit dark around her area.

She was waiting in a particular point. I just rushed and she got in. My God, first time an another lady sitting next to me. That thought alone is enough for my tool to raise from his deep sleep. But she told we will go for a round and must back in 5 min as his father is about to come home suddenly. We went for a ride. She was beautiful and her aroma was nice.

I just touched her hand took it and kissed only. Nothing else. Afraid too….Heavy traffic so we have to come back soon. I requested few more min but she was in hurry as she got a call. When she got down from the car, I just kissed her in cheeks. This itself was a big achievement for me. Never in my life (even in college days) I have spoken sexily or kissed any girl.

Only my wife (arranged marriage only), and here some others wife is sitting next me and I have kissed her too. That night we had phone sex and I masturbated heavily. Slowly we continued to meet in car once in a week and 5 min ride started to increase. This time I did not waste time, the moment she entered inside the car, I just looked around and planted a kiss on her forehead.

She told I love darling. Thats it, I started to drive with 1 hand on her and she guided me the roads where less people were there. And now I planted a kiss on her lips. Fantastic experience. I was not able to drive, parked it in a darker area and started mouth kissing her for some more time and she was keeping her one hand on the back of my head and kneading my hair.

Vow what a great feeling and while we lip locked, my tool ejected its juice in underwear which I told her afterwards in phone.Slowly I gained confidence and I asked her the permission to touch her private parts over the dress next time to which she agreed. Luckily rainy season started and the road near her area also was of much less people in the evening.

I think while we met for the 4 Th time, I started to keep my hand on her boobs while kissing. She started to breathe heavily and in fact her hubby has never kissed her in lips it seems. Worst part for us is we have to keep looking who is coming as all this is happening inside the car on road. If someone comes, then I have to move the car which will be on only while we kissing.

Then I decided to do it while on motion only. Next time I started to nicely squeeze her boobs in one hand and the other hand was busy in driving so that no body can doubt us. Slowly I started to insert my hand into her blouse and started feeling her softest part. AHHHHHHHHHHHH was the mourning from her as she was also sex starved for many years. I felt her nipple too.

Again I started to cum which I told her there itself to which she laughed. Little bit rain at that time favored us by clearing the road off people. Again parked the car in a darker area and started mouth kissing and boob squeezing both simultaneously. She was breathing heavily and me too not able to control my feelings and started to suck her boobs with dress to which she pushed me saying others might see.

I was not listening, I wanted her to remove the top portion alone. But she denied and promised me next time. I did not hear what she said, I set aside her pallu, lifted her blouse and bra from one side and started to suck like a baby…… I was in heaven. First time with a lady (other than my wife) and sucking her nipple.

Initially she was afraid and she started to enjoy forgetting that we are in road… But sucking didn’t prolong for a long time as rain stopped an people started to move on road. Then over phone I told her next time I want to feel her pussy and not to wear panty. But she came with panty and it was easy for me to feel. I asked her to just sit stretching her legs.

I told her this is the safest to do in car as no body can see what I m doing. she got some confidence and loosened her chudi. without one hand driving I inserted my other hand in to her panty and feel her pussy. I didnt stop with it. I inserted 1 finger into it which she didnt expect. She screamed OHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hey stop da pls……….. I knew she wanted to continue, I inserted 2 fingers, she lifted 1 leg and leaned it against the dashboard. I Continued this for 5 minutes and at the same time I took her hands and kept on my tool which was erect and stiff and she was holding it nicely and moving her hand too and fro. I wanted to kiss her pussy which she strongly objected.

Again I drove the car to a dark area and just bent and kissed her pussy and did finger fucking again. she told she has to go home…. so I stopped took out both my fingers from her pussy and licked it nicely to which she said che……… I told this is honey and liked nicely.

So after our regular meeting in the car, we slowly started to have phone sex. In fact I learned many things from her (not in sex) but what a women likes and expects from men generally and during sex too. Like ladies like lots of foreplay before actual sex. And they expect to be still with them for a longer time in bed even after sex. Just bang bang and jumping out of bed to bathroom immediately after sex…… they hate it.

We had nice phone sex, where I elaborated her about all the positions of doing sex and she was much aroused. She got married at 18 and experienced just bang bang only. Now that she is separated from him for the past 6 years… We used to imagine a situation where we meet and go about telling what we will do.

She has helped me to masturbate through phone sex, sometimes in night and sometimes when I was in office too. We started to speak just like Husband and wife and we were waiting for a chance to eat each other.

Finally a day came where all people at home went for an engagement leaving her alone (as she is separated from her hubby, she told she is not coming). As planed I applied leave, went near her house and waited for her call. I went around 9.45am. Everyone left and she told her father has to come home and then go for that engagement. so I have to wait in the car.

Sun started to be hotter and hotter. She also confirmed that all others have reached the spot and she is still waiting for her father to come home. 10.30…… 11…..11.30……12…At 12 she called me and told her father has directly gone there. I applied only half a day leave and I have to be there in my office at 1.

I hurried to her home and meanwhile she has sent to gurka to get milk so that I will not be watched by anyone. I rushed to the bathroom since my bladder was full. She was in nighty. My god…… what a beauty she is. Luckily the gurka came when I was in bathroom. 12.15pm. so when I came out from bathroom, she has removed the nighty and she was in half hand white shirt and a long frock.

She was just like an angel….. We hugged and had a deep mouth kiss like mad dog and my heart beat was very fast. First time hugging somebody else wife…….heavenly feeling… I have to hurry for want of time. I lifted her arms and smelled her arm pit which I love to do always….then immediately opened her shirt,not fully and lifted her bra and strarted sucking like an hungry child.

She started moaning HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. “My dear come we will go to bed room da…..” was the moaning from her. then we proceeded to bed room and as I was opening my pant zip, she was ready lying in the bed with the frock fully lifted. VOW what a divinely scene.

As per my instruction she was in complete shave and her pussy was just like a cake. Without wasting time I just kept my mouth on her pussy and started licking it and sucking it. she has applied some perfume on it which was a pleasant feeling. As I kept my mouth on her pussy she started moaning heavily HHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

But this pleasure she didnt give me long. she told “seekiram ma………” meaning hurry. But unfortunately due to tension, my tool didnt get full erection. She laughed and asked what happened. But she helped in erection by keeping her hand on my tool and shagging it. Then slowly my tool got erected and the climax time came and I just entered in.

Fucking a lady apart from my wife…. Her pussy was not that much tight, so with 2 three pushing my tool went inside. she was breathing heavily and within seconds I cummed inside without botheration (as she has done family planning) and then just lied on her.

All these things were completed in 15 minutes (actually both of us were unsatisfied since it was done in hurry) and 12.30 I went out. while moving out she was very much disappointed, she hugged me tightly and kissed me on the forehead and told ” I LOVE U DEAR”. This incident took place 20 year before and still we could not get correct situation to have a long and relaxed enjoyment. I am Waiting for the opportunity with you know ……..[email protected]

20 Year Ago It Was Just Me And My Fantasy