(Step)motherly love part 4.txt

The next few days we fucked like rabbits – me and my mother. We fucked all over the house – inside the bathroom, kitchen, the courtyard and the roof. There was no inhibition between us and we engaged in wild experimentations. She was using me as her sex tool to get back on my father who treated her badly, and I didn’t mind. My father as usual came back home late, dead drunk and treated my mother badly but she never protested. She got her revenge by fucking me next day. I loved the arrangement. My school would open a week later and I still had 6 days more to fuck my mother to my heart’s content. I was young and full of energy and a quick learner. And my head was full of ideas about sexual experimentations that amazed my mother even, experienced as she was in a lot of games that she played with my father in happier times. At our hostel room which I shared with two of my friends, we engaged in sexual talks and glanced through foreign pornographic magazines that were wild in their depictions of different types of sexual acts. One was water sports; men and women piddling on each other. I wanted to piddle on my mother and if possible, I wanted her to piddle on my face too. I wanted to see her shit inside the bathroom and splash water on her ass after she had shat. I wanted to sit in front of her as she looked at me and then wanted her to wash my ass. I wanted to wash her ass too and insert my fingers inside her rectum. Every morning I woke up with the pleasurable sensation of her mouth around my penis. She entered my room which I kept unbolted for her and pulled off the ribbon of my pajama, took out my cock, bent down and sucked my penis as I looked down at her half naked body in wet sari without blouse. Then she would kiss me and leave the room and I fell back into sweet dreams again.

When I entered the common bathroom in the courtyard to wash myself and brush my teeth, she ordered me not to lock it from inside. She would follow me inside the bathroom after sometime and we would make love on the bathroom floor. We would then bathe together, and she rubbed me all over with soap, spending a lot of time around my groin and penis. Then I would bathe her and clean her cunt by inserting my fingers inside. I turned her around and inserted my finger into her rectum and cleaned her ass which she liked. There was no inhibition left between us. I would kiss her ass and flick my tongue inside her rectum and kiss her asshole. I sucked her big breasts and kissed her mouth and raised her healthy arms and ran my tongue over her hairy armpits that sent shivers down her spine because she loved to be tickled in her armpits with my tongue. Invariably we ended up fucking again on the bathroom floor. One day we were lazing on the roof on a chatai after a bout of passionate fucking, still naked and I was stroking her armpits casually as she looked up at the sky. She had beautiful deep set armpits that I loved to smell and stroke which she also liked. Her big firm breasts pointed upwards, her nipples still erect and jutted out like corks. As I stroked and sniffed her armpits I suddenly asked her if all women had hair in their armpits. She replied that most women shaved their armpits but she was too lazy to do it and so let her hair grow. “Do you want me to shave my armpits?” She asked me. I replied that I wanted to see how she looked without the hair on her armpits.

She slowly got up and went down, swinging her big naked ass. I kept on lying on the chatai naked and looked at the sky and reminisced about the last bout of fucking where we used the choicest of abusive words while we fucked and in a bout of passion, I had spat on her beautiful face. After some time she came back to the roof, still naked. She was carrying my father’s shaving kit and a medium sized katori. She sat down on the chatai and opened the box. She took out a small pair of scissors and spread her thighs apart in a vulgar manner. She had bushy hair around her cunt too. “You want to see this area clean too?” She asked me. I nodded my head. She began to snip away at her pubic hair as I watched her transfixed, still lying like that. The trimmings fell on the chatai. She smiled at me and gathered up the hair that had fallen on the chatai and sprinkled them over my stomach playfully. She then bent forward and kissed my penis and started clipping away my pubic hair. I looked down at my mother as she clipped away my pubic hair and her breasts brushed my thighs occasionally. My penis was standing like a pole but my mother requested me not to cum just now. I looked down at my penis; it was spotless now. She now concentrated on herself. She raised her left arm and began to snip away the hair there. I looked at her in amazement as she slipped away her armpit hair slowly. She smiled at me and asked me, “You want to do it?” I now got up and she gave me the scissors and raised her other arm. I ran my left fingers over her armpit and slowly clipped away the hair in her right armpit with the small scissor. Her armpits gave away a sweaty musky smell that I loved. I bent forward and sniffed her armpits and kissed her there. They were clean now but felt rough and grizzly; there was still a dark patch around both the armpits. She now took up the empty katori and held it towards me and smiled. “Will you do it, or me?” She asked me. “What?” I could not understand. “Stupid fellow,” she laughed at me. She got up from the chatai, holding the katori in her hand and moved aside. Then she crouched and brought the katori towards her vagina and let out a stream of urine inside. Oh my god! Some of it spilled out of the katori and wetted her soft hands. She now came back to the chatai and kept the katori gently on the chatai. She now took out the shaving brush and dipped it inside the katori and applied lather on the shaving brush and handed the brush to me. I was thrilled. I gently applied lather on her armpits while I stroked her breasts with my other hand and smelled her sweat and urine. I lathered up sufficient foam in both her armpits which now smelled of her urine.

Then I took up the razor. She laid down on the chatai gently, and raised her arms over her head tantalizingly. I slowly began to shave away her armpits in long gentle strokes as she moaned in pleasure till they were clean and fresh. She looked so lovely now, with clean shaven armpits. I bent down and kissed and tickled her armpits and she laughed away in pleasure. It still smelled of her urine. I could control myself no longer. I took up the katori in my hand and brought it to my lips. I dipped my tongue into it. “What are you doing?” She asked me, surprised. “Drinking your urine,” I replied. I drank a little. It tasted salty and nice “give me some,” she said and opened her mouth. I poured a little into her mouth. Some of it slipped out of her mouth. I slowly drained the whole katori over her breasts and stomach and thighs as she laughed at my action. There was still some urine left. I drank the rest of it and smiled at her and kissed her. I now crouched over her breasts, my cock dangling over her big fair breasts. She took my penis between her big wet breasts and squeezed it between them by pressing them hard with both her hands. She bent her head forward and flicked her tongue on the tip of my cock as she pressed her melons against my cock. I removed her hands and pressed her breasts against my penis from both sides and pinched her erect nipples as she flicked her tongue on my penis. “Mother, I want to masturbate.” “Do it son,” she replied and took my cock inside her mouth. “No, I want to masturbate on your armpits.”

She smiled at me, took out my dick from her mouth and released my dick from between her breasts and raised her arms again over her head. She was still lying on the floor. She looked so regal and beautiful like that. I positioned myself and lowered my penis towards her left armpit. I brought my penis towards her armpit and thrust my penis into the hollow area and started stroking her there with my dick. I jabbed her armpit again and again as she moaned in pleasure. I shifted to her other armpit by brushing against her big breasts and began to fuck her there. This was a new experience for both of us and she liked it. I kept on poking her armpit till I felt the pressure building up inside my penis. The semen rushed through my dick and I shouted out, “mother, I am Cuming.” “Come, my dear son, come,” she softly replied and I let out a jet of semen on her clean shaven armpit. Some of it fell on the side of her breasts. I let out stream after stream of semen on her armpit and as more semen spurted out of my dick I again shifted my dick on the other armpit, over her breasts and spilled out the last drops into the hollow of her deep set armpit. Oh, what a lovely sensation, fucking my mother in both her armpits that smelled of her urine. Her clean shaven armpits glistened with my semen.

I looked at my fair and lovely mother as she lay on the floor, smiling at me, her breasts and armpits smeared with my semen. She smiled at me and raised her arms and bent her head towards her armpits and licked the semen from there. I had gotten up and stood astride my mother, looking down at her, my legs on both sides of her healthy body. She scooped up the semen from her big breasts with her fingers and licked them. I stood and watched in wonder, staring down at her like a victor. There was one last thing that I wanted to do to her just now. And I did it. My bladder was full with excitement; I held my dick and let out a stream of urine over her body. She was surprised but she let me do it. And I piddled on her healthy body as my urine mingled with my semen. I kept on piddling and lowered myself over her lovely face and directed the jet on her face. She opened her mouth and I piddled inside her lovely mouth. [email protected]