(Step)motherly love part 5.txt

Cock and moving up and down my cock, but she just moved just her ass when she fucked me like that, her big ass jerking like a huge piece of jelly. It was a delightful sight to see her ass move and sway like that as if it was independent of her body. I still remember the first day I fucked my mother in the ass. As I had written earlier, she had the habit of scratching her armpits and ass, oblivious of my presence. Now that I had shaved her armpits, she rarely scratched there, but continued to scratch her ass quite often. One day, she was picking up the dry clothes from the clothesline in the courtyard, wearing her sari in the sexy seedha pallu Gujarati style in which I liked to see her, without the blouse of course, and she began to scratch her ass again. I walked up to her and told her, “let me do it.” “What?” She asked. “Let me scratch your ass mother,” I insisted. “Tu meri gaanr khujlayega?” “haan ma.” Without waiting for her answer, I raised her sari to the hip and pulled down her white panty. I took it in my hand and looked at it; the back portion of her panty had got yellowish with all the scratching. I brought it to my nose and sniffed at it. “Gandhi kya sukh raha hai, khujla jaldi,” she requested. I rubbed the panty over her face and then threw it aside and began to scratch her ass with the fingers of my right hand as I fondled her naked breasts below her Anchal with my left hand. My mother had the loveliest piece of ass that cried out to be fucked. I kept on scratching her ass as she stood still and with my other hand I fondled her melons and squeezed her nipples. She kissed me on the mouth as I scratched her. My cock was upright. She pulled the ribbon of my pajama and it fell down on the ground. I was naked now.

She held my dick and began to fondle it. We kissed each other on the mouth while she stroked my cock while I scratched her ass and squeezed her breasts with the other hand. It was a lovely combination. I gently inserted one of my fingers inside her asshole and began to finger fuck her. She began to groan. She pulled away her sari in a fit and stood naked. I laid her on the ground now, her face down and her beautiful ass propped up. I kissed her ass and again inserted my finger inside her rectum. Sometime I took out my finger and kneaded her buttocks with my hand; they were soft like jelly. “why do you scratch your ass so often?” I asked, still fingering her. “what can I do if they itch?” “wait, I will get you something.” And I walked back to my room and came back with a tube of bet ovate c. I dabbed the cream on my finger and applied it to her rectum. “you should use this regularly. It’s good. I used to scratch my cock and balls in the hostel; one of my friends suggested this to me and it worked wonders.” I rubber her rectum with the cream and applied still more. It was thoroughly lubricated and her asshole glistened. Suddenly I asked her, “mother, does father fuck you in the ass regularly?” “whenever he is drunk and angry with me.” She replied. “it hurts.” I replied, “there is a way to fuck in the ass.” “you have fucked in the ass before or what?” She asked me. I told her that I and my friends fucked each other in the hostel quite often and we applied cream that made the entry easier.

My mother was surprised, “you bastard.” “what can we do? We don’t get women like you in the hostel so we fuck each other.” And I continued to stroke her ass and finger fuck her ass. After sometime, I softly whispered into her ears, “mother!” “yes my son.” “can I fuck you in the ass? I will do it gently, believe me; it won’t hurt.” She was all heated up, “you are sure?” “yes mother.” “okay, do it, but be careful.” I jumped up and went and brought a pillow which I placed below her stomach and propped up her big ass. It was sufficiently lubricated by this time. I spread my legs across her waist now and slowly bent down and brought my penis to her asshole. Then I gently pushed it inside, just the tip. She shuddered a little. “don’t be afraid, mother.” Then I slowly began to push my cock inside my mother’s rectum and she began to moan as it gradually disappeared inside her rectum. “you like it mother?” I asked her softly. “yes, my son.” “okay mother, now I am going to pump you. Be ready!” And then I began to pump her… with every thrust, her soft big ass wiggled like a huge piece of jelly and she began to groan. I fucked her gently, careful not to hurt her but the sight of her huge ass brought out the animal instinct inside me and I began to thrust her with force now. I thrust my cock again and again and she shouted with pleasure and pain and I held her broad hips and began to shout – “ma, meri Randi, main teri gaanr mar raha hoon”, and she shouted back, “haan, motherhood, tu meri gaanr maar raha hai…” and I kept on pumping her to my heart’s content as we began to talk dirty. Then I came, in multiple spurts and I spat on her backside in excitement. I gave one final thrust as I poured out my last cum and collapsed on her big body.

I lay like that, on her back for some time. My cock automatically slipped out of her asshole and when I rose I saw that a considerable portion of my semen tricked down from inside her asshole and smeared her thunder thighs. Her ass looked like a battleground… my mother looked so lovely and vulnerable like that. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. I slowly bent towards her ears and whispered, “did you like it, mother?” “yes my son,” she replied softly. “will you let me do it again later?” “yes, my son, if it makes you happy.” And I kissed her soft ass and got up as she laid like that, naked and bare assed, on the same spot where my father had raped her brutally in the ass a few nights before. I loved to see her in the Marathi sari where the end of her Anchal was hitched between her healthy thighs and tucked at her back, like a tight dhoti as she bent down on the floor and mopped the floor. When she came to my room to mop the floor like that, crouched on the floor, naked from the waist up, wearing that thin gold girdle around her sexy waist, I would sit at the edge of the bed and fondle her breasts with my legs and she would stop working for a while, allowing me to stroke her breasts with my feet. I rubbed her erect nipples with the sole of my feet. She would then take my feet in her hand and kiss it and lick my toes and the gaps between the fingers. I felt so ticklish that I would invariably take out my dick and masturbate on her face. At other times, I would lay on the ground naked while she sat at the edge of the bed and stroked my penis with her toes and masturbate me with both her feet.

There were times when she would lick my ass leisurely, inserting her tongue deep inside my rectum, spitting inside and swallowing her own saliva, making slurping sound. I returned the pleasure and licked her ass too and spat inside. I fucked her in the doggie style which was one of my favorite positions because it enabled me to hold her big ass and look at them. And when we did 69, she most often laid on top of me as she sucked my penis and I glimpsed and held her huge ass as I alternately sucked her cunt and asshole. One day, this happened a few days before I left for my hostel, she had sucked me in the morning and woke me up as usual and left the room, I got up after some time and went to the bathroom in the courtyard to wash myself and brush my teeth. I pushed open the door and was accorded an excellent sight. My mother was inside the bathroom, stark naked, sitting on the Indian style system. I stood transfixed as I watched my mother farting and shitting as she looked at me and smiled. I took off my pajama and stood naked and watched her. Then I slowly walked up to her and looked down at her as she gave out another loud fart and let out another piece of shit that fell on the yellow pile. “what are you looking at me like that for?” She asked me. “don’t you shit?” My bladder was full and I needed to pee badly. I smiled at her and began to pee on her beautiful face and healthy naked body as my urine rolled down her healthy body and mixed with her shit.

“mother, I want to sit too,” I said. “come, my dear child,” and she pulled me towards her and I sat facing her and she moved back a little to accommodate me. We held each other lovingly as I let out a loud fart and let out my first piece of shit that fell near my mother’s shit. We held and stroked each other and kissed each other as we sat together, wallowing in the foul smell and filth. We loved it. We licked each other as we farted and shat together. Every time either of us farted, we immediately kissed each other. We sat together like that even after we had finished shitting and fondled each other and occasionally looked at the pile of shit below us. That site of that pile spurred us on and we continued to lick and fondle each other and I stroked her breasts and bit her erect nipples while she fondled my penis and ran her fingers softly over my chest and kissed my nipples. Then we got up and looked down at out shit. Our combined shit had formed a huge pile. We smiled at each other. My mother now took up the bucket and poured down the water and drained away the shit. “come, let me clean you,” she said. “no mother, not now. I want to fuck your ass.” “but it’s not clear yet,” she protested. “don’t bother mother, I want to fuck your dirty ass, please. Let me do it.” “you are a dirty fellow,” she smiled at me and turned around and displayed her sexy ass by bending down.

And she offered up her shitty ass to me. I laid her down on the ground and propped up her ass and dipped my dick slowly inside her rectum which got smeared with her shit. And I thrust my penis inside with all the force as she let out a scream and I fucked my lovely mother in her dirty ass, again and again, calling out dirty names to her – mother-fucker, bloody whore, bastard, behenchod, Randi and kept on pumping her big fat ass that jerked like a huge piece of jelly and I grappled her tits from behind and pinched her nipples and she cried out in pain but I continued to fuck her and talk dirty till I poured out my load inside her big fat shitty ass. When I took out my penis, it was smeared with her shit. I was exhausted. I lay down on the bathroom floor. My mother also lay down beside me on the bathroom floor, holding me tight. We lay like that for quite some time before my mother held my shit smeared dick and began to stroke it. Her hand got smeared with shit. My dick was up again and I wanted to fuck her again. But my mother said, “let’s clean ourselves first.” She splashed water on my ass and wiped my rectum thoroughly with soap by inserting her finger; then she washed my dick. Just when she was about to splash water on her ass to clean herself, I stopped her and took the mug from her soft hand. I poured water on my mother’s ass and wiped her ass with my fingers gently. Then we cleaned our hands and kissed each other and made love on the bathroom floor. When I came back to the hostel, carrying a huge pile of my mother’s panties and brassieres that she had gifted me to keep me company, we exchanged dirty letters that I showed to my friends and they masturbated as I read from those letters or when I narrated my trysts with my mother. She wrote to me few months later that she was pregnant.

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