10 On Mom.txt

I truly believe every single person has their own story as I have, but some of us are shy enough to share those stories (or you may call real incidents).I can only request all of them to share your real life incidents or fantasies as I’m doing right now. And special thanks to ISS to give us such nice platform.

I am Vicky, a small town boy having lovely parents. My mom Shikha is a house wife with average height (5’4”). She is very good looking in her middle age (38 years old) with fair complex but her main assets are her big firm boobs and heavy buttock (easily comparable with J LO’s).Her stat is 38-30-42. Our male relatives always praised her beauty and she also like their complements but she is conservative enough and has no extramarital affair with any guys. But what I found is that she is always sexually depressed. Both of my parents are very caring couple, but something is missing in their sex life. What makes me embarrassed most is mom’s dressing at home. As other Bengali house wives she also wear saris most of the time at home but without any blouse and bra. If any one came in our house she only put a towel over her breasts and that make the situation more hotter. The lucky visitor can easily identify her breast lining and surely dying to screw her. I think she gets the enjoyment to tease the strangers in this way, even at outside she don’t miss an opportunity to give strangers a good view of her cleavage. As I love my mom very much I always feel that I should do something to fulfill her sexual thirst. Whenever I am at my home I rarely miss any opportunity to observe her assets. I make a small hole at the bathroom door to see her nude. Day by day my sexual addiction towards her increasing rapidly and I can’t satisfy myself only by masturbating. I am looking for an opportunity to bang her and fulfill her thirst at any cost.

Now come to the F day. My father is always busy with his group theatre activities. Some members of a local club come to our home to make an agreement about a call show with my father’s drama group. They are six well built worker class persons. Ali the leader of the team is a promoter by profession, Mustaq and Ravi works under him. Hubba a local taxi driver and Dinesh-Manish two brothers are yet unemployed. Dad calls mom to give them some cup of teas. My mom is wearing a black sleeveless nightie and usually without any blouse or bra. I observe the reactions of these guys when they first time see my mom Shikha. There eyes just pops out by seeing her beauty and their cocks certainly grow harder. Mom also enjoys their attention to her and becomes flirtier. She unhooked top two buttons of her nightie and that makes an full access of 75% of her breast; Brown nipples are also visible. Ali can’t control his emotions and press her right boob while mom serves tea to him. Mom returns a smile; Dad makes his full attention on paper works and completely unaware of the sluty nature of his wife. After some time they leave our house and I decide to follow them secretly. As I get closer to them I hear they are discussing about my mom. One of them, may be Hubba say that “salli randi ko kuttia ki tarah chudna chahie.” Dinesh reply him “uski pure ki pure dudh nikalke mujhe pina hay.” Surprisingly I’m not feeling angry but I like their conversations. Suddenly Ravi turns around and sees that I’m following them. He surprised little bit and ask me “What are you doing here?” I decide quickly that I should tell them the truth. We enter into club and start our discussions. They are looking shocked to hear my words, after some poses Ali say cleverly “Itni chikna maal ko to kisi ko v chudne ka man korta hoga aur ye to uski bete hay”. After that he asks me “Bol tu keya korna chahata hay?” Aap sob maa ko chodna, may aaplogo ko help korunga par mujhe pehla mouka chahie, aur kuch aisa kore taki uss baqt o mujhe pehchan na sake. Mustaq calls 3 more guys – Chumka, Kanu and Imran, the local gangsters. All of we make a solid plan to screw my mom Shikha.

At that encounter day my father was out of station. Actually he had to perform at Bengali club in Elahabad. At 9 pm I got an miss call from Mustaq. As our plan I mixed some drugs (Hubba gave me these drugs to make Shikha sexually turn on) in a glass of water which she drunk after some time.20 minutes later door bell ranged. I opened the door and welcome Ali and his battalion in my house. Shikha covered herself with a transparent off white colored nightie and usually without any blouse and bra. Her black panty, sexy legs and big round boobs were clearly visible under tube light. Ali & Co. Entered into house and called Shikha by her name. Shikha came in front of them and asked why they were in her house at late night. As our plan Ravi replied that the agreement paper they want right now. Shikha told them that it was in my father’s rehearsal room, 12 km away from our home. After their successive arguments she ordered me to go there in the rehearsal room and returned the papers to them. I quickly agreed and leaved the house but returned within few minutes from backdoor & hide myself under a table from where I could see entire scenario.

Nearly 10 minutes later Imran ferociously moved towards kitchen room where Shikha was and grabbed her waist from back. Shikha shouted angrily “what the hell you are doing here?!” All doors and windows were closed and I played Rock songs with full sounds in my MP3 player. So her voice made no noise to outer world. All of them were laughing and in the mean time Chumka came to her and slaped on her cheek and marked reddish spot of his five fingers. Ali said in a commanding voice “dekh Sali aishei hum log tujhe chodne bala hay, jada nakra mat kar,sab milke aish korenge aur tera pati v ghar par nehi .” Mom was looking terrified hearing his words and that hard slap made her cry. She started crying loudly and asked for mercy-“Mujhe chor dijie,meye ak gharki bahu hun,mera beta hay pati hay…” Dinesh kicked on her belly and said”chup chap man ja aur ghar ka baat ghar par rahne de nehito tujhe kothe pe le ja kar chodenge aur ohi par chor denge.” I was enjoying every moment of this real rape and instead of feeling pity for my mom I liked the way they behaved to my mom Shikha.

Now all of them encircled her and touched every portion of her body. Within few seconds her nightie pulled off and she was looked like sex goddess or a B.F heroin. Her massive boobs came out and she was only in her black panty. I started enjoying what they were doing to my mom as the thought that the woman who was being raped was my mom with some one touching forbidden parts of her body filled me with excitement. My cock became rock solid and I started masturbating. She tried to run but Chumka caught her hair. Manish came with a rope in his hand and banged her hands tightly. Kanu put a piece of her nightie in between the lips of Shikha. They opened the bottles of Ram and started drinking while mom had lain on the bed. Imran brought the bottle of Ram which was 3/4 full and forced mom to drink it completely .He forcedly poured the entire bottle down her throat. Mom coughed and held her throat as if someone was choking her and she wanted to loosen the grip. One can understand what a burning sensation she had felt. The stupor of Ram had started to show its color on mom .Ali came near her and ogled her naked body for a minute, he was maddened by mom’s well shaped and hairless body then he raised her legs and removed her panty and threw it on floor. Now for the first time I could see mom’s pussy clearly. It was brown pussy with long slit in middle and thick puffy lips. She must have shaved it few days before for her pussy had no hairs. Ali told ”dekh kutia to pura taiar hay hamare lund k liye.” Ali hugged mom and started kissing her full on her face. His hands were on her butts and were caressing her ass. Mom was resisting but it was of no use, how a weak woman could stand against a strong man. All other guys undressed quickly. They had large & thick cocks at least 8” to 12” long. Meanwhile I also undressed myself. Ali started to remove his clothes. First his shirt went off then his pants and finally his underwear. He had a huge black cock about 10 inches in length and very thick .He moved towards the bed with her massive cock swaying between his long legs. He laid down on the bed and lifted mom on his body and trying to place his huge cock into her ass hole. Mom was crying for mercy-“please mera gand mat maro, o to kavi kisine chua tak nehi.” Ali laughed again and threatened mom that he would kill her and me if she didn’t behave well.

It seemed that mom was very much afraid for she didn’tsay anything. Now Mustaq came between her thick luscious thighs and bent down to bring his nose on her pussy .I could see him inhaling the sweet smell of her pussy. He then spread the pussy lips with his coarse fingers and started licking the clitoris of her pussy.

As he did it mom gave a gasp and her body shivered. Mustaq took a small pause lifted his face and looked into face of mom, he was licking the most precious and secret juices of her body. He tasted her and was definitely relishing her taste for I heard fairly loud slurps he made; I could see her reddish tongue working deep in her pussy. Meanwhile mom had given all resistance been lying on bed quiet and only occasionally she quivered or gasped.

Then Alii tried to insert his forefinger into her ass hole. Since the hole was unstressed and small his finger couldn’t go inside. He withdrew his finger, changed the angle and tried again, and this time the finger went in He started pistoning his finger in & out of ass hole and mom started shivering with some indescribable feeling. This pistoning widened the ass hole and when Ali saw it he inserted his middle finger too in her ass hole. Now mom’s ass was completely in his grip. After fingering her about a minute he withdrew both of his fingers from ass hole. Now mom’s ass was ready to be used and Ali entered his giant cock inside ass hole without any mercy. Tears came out from Shikhas eyes due to massive pain but she could not shout as Mustaq & Hubba put their man tools into her mouth. She could not take easy breaths while Imran and chumka were busy to suck both of her boobs which are massive in size with brown nipple. There were multiple hands around her tits and nipples, around her waist, simultaneously the mouths on her tits squeezed and bit into her breasts and nipples. Ravi was trying to enter his cock into her dip naval and managed to vanish 3” or 4” into it. Dinesh and Manish put their tools within her two hands and Shikha could only obey their instructions to give them good masturbations. Now I got the signal from Ali and stand in between two legs of my mom. I licked her pussy lips and slowly pressed her boobs, Oh dear! They were so soft; then I sucked her nipples slowly and placed the top of my cock at her pussy hole .At this moment I paused with hesitation; was it a sin?; my inner conscience was chiding me, my heart was beating hard.I raised my head and looked into face of my mom , it looked so sweet and innocent while her eyes were closed in pain, mouth was filled with two massive cocks that I became more horny and killing my conscience I gave a slow forward stroke with my 8” long and very thick manhood. Since the mom’s pussy hole was slippery due to the licking, the cock’s head easily penetrated her vagina. What the feeling it was, absolutely indescribable, I stayed there for a moment and then pushed forward till the whole length of my cock was submerged in mom‘s vagina. I started pistoning her vagina but slowly so that she didn’t hurt.

Mom became hotter and started responding. I increased my speed; since the pussy walls were well lubricated by the juice my cock was moving without any friction though I could feel pussy wall grasping my cock. Within 10-15 minutes I came and discharged my load. At that time mom also got her first orgasm. Hubba quickly filled up my place while Ali pistoning as there was no tomorrow. Mom also became enjoy this gang rape and a strange sound like uuuuuummmmmmmmm,,,,,,,ffffffff ,,kkkkkkkkk,,,,hhhhhssssss……. , came out and responding by up-downing waist. Dinesh, Manish and Ravi jerked off their load and filled her naval boobs and face with entire cum while Imran and Chumka were busy to mouth fucking. Within few minutes they filled her mouth with their cum and Shikha drunk every single drop of their cum. I covered my face with a monkey cap while Kanu was recording the entire fucking sessions in a handycam. After few minutes Ali unloaded within her ass hole and at the same time Hubba discharged into her pussy. Now I altered position with Ali and Kanu hand over video camera to Hubba and in a great hurry entered his entire cock into mom’s pussy hole. I fucked her ass hole simultaneously while other guys were busy in finger fucking; mouth fucking; naval fucking; nipples sucking etc. We fucked her in every possible position. All of we were discharged at least 8 times in any of her hole while she had countless orgasms. After 5 hours long fucking sessions all of we were exhausted completely. I was lying on her while my chest was pumping her breasts. In the early morning of next day Ali and other boys leave our house.