8220U8221 And Me Doing Lesbian Sex And Exchanging Partners.txt

Hi all I am back again as told earlier I am also a great fan of this site. Now let’s go ahead with the story so guys hold on to your dicks and girls start fingering your pussy. Her sizes are 36-30-30 fair 41 years of age. As i don’t want to reveal her name let’s keep her name as “U”. After a wonderful sex we both married finished our first night. Then she turned me into a gay and she experimented lesbian sex and indulging other men into our sexual relationships.

To tell a bit about me I am her nephew 5″11 ft tall 70 kilos fair 8 inch uncut dick little bit lost hairs I am 28 years of age, when we both go out somewhere to shopping malls movie theaters and much more places people think we are real husband and wife so no case of anyone doubting us.So as usual we were in a disco she was sipping on her drink mixed with a Viagra I was fondling her body and the Viagra had taken a toll on her body as i don drink i was just playing around with her.

She suddenly started conversing with me baby baby why don’t we have try out lesbian sex and include some men in our sexual live after all we have a short life. I was like ok we’ll decide.She told someone has already approached her shall we go ahead.I just gave a nod.

We didn’t talk about it for quiet some time and were indulged in our own things and sexual activities.Suddenly I remembered it and asked her about it in the bed

R: Baby what happened to your lesbian plan ……

U: Hmm the plan’s still on the lady might be here anytime with her guy

R: So we’ll start games of life starting with sex

U: No only with sex baby and started to laugh ……

I instantly had a hard-on and we had started to have our sex. Days passed she told me there’s a surprise for you today while getting ready to office I just had a smile on my face and went away to office the next day was a weekend, I just couldn’t sit @ office as we always have sex on Friday nights as the clock kept on ticking I reached home and heard some voices I thought they’ve arrived. As I knew what the surprise was.

I went inside the house by the time I went in they had started drinking sitting near the TV and some blue film was playing on the DVD as i was already on, she introduced me to the lady and her guy we shook our hands and I went and got freshened up and came out by the time U was kissing the lady and stroking the guys dick I entered the scene they stopped after seeing me I just told carry on they started once again I just started fondling U and started licking her armpits I felt someone removing my dress i just turned back to see the lady removing my dress. I didn’t bother and kept fondling her.

By the time her guy was nude he came near my aunty wife and started pressing her boobs sliding his hands on her pussy fingering her pussy she started moaning aaahhh aahhh I just started fondling the lady and started smooching her pressing her boobs pinching and biting while playing with one, sliding my hands into her pussy I started to play with her pussy making her moan ahhhh ooohhh aaahhh ooohh yaaa yaaaa by the time

I started licking her armpits fingering her asshole and turned see to my aunty wife who was giving a blowjob to him and took his cum in her mouth and exchanged it with us, the lady went down and started giving me a blowjob and licking my balls while U was licking her pussy the guy was starting to lick her asshole and inserting his fingers into hers looking @ the extensive action around me i came inside her mouth which we exchanged in our mouths.

The lady was licking U’s pussy and the room was filled with sexual sounds now again U started giving me a blowjob I instantly hard again the lady lying down next to me started to spread her legs for me I entered her and the guy entered U both the ladies lying next to each started to spit on each others face smooching playing with each others boobs slapping and abusing each other and the abuses turning towards us we were on a higher level pace and the moaning started to increase aaahhhh ohhhoo uuuuhh aaahhh bastards motherfuckers behen ka louda maa ka louda maadharchod behenchod as I’ve never heard U speaking all these the lady also joined in looking @ her.

I felt my dick about to getting exploded I asked the lady about it she told do it inside her pussy i just exploded @ the same time the guy also exploded in U’s pussy we were exhausted and fell on the bed we had ordered food from out we all had food nude feeding each other taking and licking the food from each others mouths the food was tasting great from each other saliva mixed in it and talking abusive language on each other.

After the dinner the ladies started to play with themselves which turned me and the guy on and started fucking the ladies anally now we both i.e.; me and the guy exchanged the partners me with U and he with his lady started drilling them in all their holes all their holes by now started to drip the ladies were riding us sitting on top of us and riding us don’t know at happened to the lady the lady suddenly stopped and started riding me sitting on top of me and U started to ride the guy by sitting on top of the guy.

Listening to all their abuses we were fucking each other. Then we started to do a 2 on 1 on the each of the ladies me doing anal on the lady and the guy was fucking her pussy and me fucking her pussy and the guy anal now U wanted the same I 1st started to fuck her pussy and the guy was fucking her ass and we changed sides me fucking U in the ass and the guy fucking her in her pussy.

U suddenly stopped and wanted me to fuck her I just started to fuck her, the guy fucking her we were going on a rhythm the room was filled with thap thap chap chap sounds and both the ladies moaning like aahhhh ahhhh hmmm hmm yess yesss yaaa yaaaaa both of us came together ahhh aaaaahh aaahhhh aaahh kissing the ladies on their lips.

I fell asleep don’t know when the lady and the guy left I was woken by a blowjob by U where we had a quickie in the bed having the good morning sex we then moved on to the toilet and bathroom where drank our pisses eating our shits then spreading it all over our body and licking each other then we took bath helping cleaning each other having a round there we came out wrapped in towels and me and my aunty wife slept for a while.

I love you ! I love you ! My wife my aunty.