A Beautiful Journey Part 10.txt

Hello readers, welcome back to the beautiful journey. Thanks for your feedback for the previous parts of the story. I am male and the sex story is completely fictional. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Soon Ayesha’s result was declared and as expected she passed with flying colors. She opted for management course and Ansh opted for the same. In fact, they both got admission in the same college. I was happy that they are together and will enjoy the college life.

She was mature enough now so I had loosened the restrictions. I had given her the green signal to make love. I remember that day when she asked me how to propose Ansh although they both already knew that they are in love. I advised how to do it. I wished that she does it in hat ke style so she knelt down to him and said will you marry me, openly in a coffee bar. It was quite opposite to what the custom is. Usually, guys do it but it was really fun. Now they were officially in love.

My darling daughter was now the darling of someone else’s too. I could notice the change in her behavior. She was very happy, always in Jolly mood, enjoying life to the fullest, singing songs, dancing on the love tunes. I was happy that how happy she is!!

Soon she had her first kiss after being officially in love. It was in the park. She told me it was quite a long. They did it for almost half an hour. He played with her breasts over her clothes. Her first love experience was really a great one.

She used to have such live experiences frequently in Park, backseat of the car, sometimes at his place or sometimes in the theater. I had no problems with it, in fact, I was happy that she was in one of the best periods of her life. Soon the moment came which I was secretly waiting for. She came to me and asked,

“Mamma, I want to have sex with Ansh, can we? As promised I have not allowed him to do it. And neither we have done anything other than kissing. So mom please, can we?”

“Hmmm yeah honey, you guys can do it but I will guide you on how to go for it. I understand and appreciate your feelings and I will always be with you.”

“Awww.. thanks, mummy love you so much”

“Tomorrow evening you will enjoy your first sex. I will guide you everything”

“Mom love you so so much”

She left the kitchen and I started thinking about how to make her evening special.

I had few ideas in my mind how to make the surroundings more seductive and sensual. I wanted her to celebrate it as her wedding night only. I and my hubby had made of our mind that Ansh will be our future son in law, though it was an early assumption but from our side, it was a green signal to both of them.

Next day from morning onwards we were busy in executing our plans. Ayesha was super excited. She cleaned her pubic hair in the morning before the bath, applied cream there on the intimate parts to make the genitals soft. She went to the beauty parlor and had some treatments in the afternoon before the action. Though we believe in nature beauty so she uses cosmetics only sometimes but today was a special day.

It was upon me to arrange bedroom. I put fresh bed sheets. I knew its gonna be dark so I arranged few candles on both sides of the bed as night lamp to make it more romantic. The room freshener was giving a sweet fragrance. I had made the bathroom absolutely clean in case if they would need it.

I had an erotic painting but I had not put up it anywhere as I didn’t want to receive people’s strange reaction. I thought this was the perfect occasion for the painting. I put up right over her bed so that they can see it while having sex. I had put few chocolates and taught her how to have a chocolate kiss.

She was highly excited just merely by the imagination of the chocolate kiss. I have done all these arrangements on my own and I had not allowed her to enter into her room until she comes with Ansh. I wanted to create a surprise for both of them.

As it was the first experience for her so I didn’t want to miss such an opportunity. So I arranged few hidden CCTV cameras. I agree that it is ethically wrong to see someone’s intimate moments but I just couldn’t control myself to see my darling daughter having her first sex. I knew that if I tell her about it then she won’t be able to enjoy sex in its complete way. (Ayesha I am sorry baby.)

Another important thing I advised her to follow is to keep a white napkin under her vagina and clean all her virginal blood with it and then preserve it for the lifetime. So that whenever you see that napkin with blood you cherish those sweet memories. I had sex before marriage and such things didn’t come to my mind else we would have definitely tried it so I wanted Ayesha to try it.

Everything was set for that beautiful evening. I had placed three cameras at different angles and all were giving the perfect view with sound. I connected it to my TV of my bedroom. I and my hubby had decided to watch the show but before that, it was necessary to make Ayesha feel normal as she was little nervous due to the excitement should I say sexcitement. I comforted her that everything will be fine.

That evening she got ready in a blue one piece suit which she purchased especially for this particular occasion and was in black lingerie. she was completely ready for probably one of the most memorable day of her life.

Ansh arrived in the evening. I could see the excitement in his eyes and Ayesha you know well. He greeted me. We had some formal talk then I wished them best of luck but before that my hubby asked him to show condom if he has brought it or not.

Actually we were worried that this guy too young, so safe sex is a must. He showed a pack of a good standard condom so we got little relaxed that at least he is somewhat careful about the relationship. I gave Ayesha a tight hug and kissed on her forehead. They went into their bedroom and we went in ours.

The moment we reached our bedroom and switched on the TV, The first thing that I saw that Ansh had carried Ayesha in his arms and was moving around round and round with joy. Ayesha was laughing with excitement. Her bedroom is soundproof so she knew that her voice won’t to come out but I could really listen to everything through the CCTV.He took her to the bed in his arms and threw her on it.

They started kissing each other and were smooching each other so passionately as if they haven’t done it ever. They continued the kissing for around five minutes or so which is actually a very long duration for a continuous kiss. The departed finally and were breathing. They were laughing so I suppose they didn’t have such long kissing ever.

Now she sat on the bed. He started kissing her forehead, moved to her nose. He licked the tip of her nose. He gave a gentle kiss on her left cheek and then moved his fingers on her back neck. The slow movement of his fingers on her back neck aroused her. She moaned and started kissing him passionately on his cheeks and lips again. He started removing her clothes and she was in black lingerie in no time.

Ayesha was also highly excited. She started to unbutton his shirt quickly and she was doing it so hurriedly that one of his buttons got broken but they didn’t care about it. She removed his pants and coincidentally he was in black underwear too. I don’t know if they decided to wear the same color or was it a coincidence. They both were in inners now.

He grabbed both her breast in his hands and was pressing and squashing it hardly as if he were squashing mango.Ayesha was moaning in pain. I got worried, I complained to my hubby but he said

“Don’t worry in sex pain pleasure. You just enjoy the show”

But my motherly affection got anxious but I couldn’t do anything. soon Ayesha grabbed his penis over his underwear and started rubbing it.

I got happy that it is tit for tat!! He unhooked her bra but this time he did it so swiftly that he broke one of the hooks. The way he was looking at Ayesha’s breast like a dog, I got assured that Ayesha had never been naked in front of him.He was so much overjoyed just merely by the sight of the perky breasts of Ayesha that he started sucking it passionately. Ayesha was caressing his hair. I thought he would leave her but he was so passionate that he was sucking it on and on. Soon he left.

I felt relieved but he started sucking the other breast. Now he was pressing one breast with his hand whereas sucking the other. Ayesha got so excited that she was enjoying it with closed eyes.

Ayesha pushed him away. He indicated him to lie down on the bed. Now it was her turn. She removed his underwear and started playing with his huge dick. She was giving him a handjob, moving the foreskin up and down. Ansh was enjoying it a lot.

Then she took a condom from Ansh’s jeans and applied it perfectly. I was happy then my sex education was working.It was a strawberry flavor condom which is Ayesha’s favorite. She started sucking it. She was doing it slowly and then she increased the speed.

To my surprise, she was giving him a deepthroat. I have never talked about it with her probably she learned it from porn or maybe she had seen me doing it on the trip. Ansh was on Cloud 9. He was totally enjoying it. Soon he moaned high and cummed off. Luckily he had put on a condom else Ayesha’s mouth would have been filled with the cum.

He stood up and removed the condom. Ayesha gave him a small box which I had arranged there to dispose of the condom. He disposed it inside and slept on the bed again.

He rested for a while but within five minutes he started smooching again. I and my hubby were very happy to see them back in action.

He kissed over her belly and licked her panties. It turned her on. Soon he removed her panties and both of them were treated completely. He moved his fingers gently over her vagina and inserted one of his fingers inside her and immediately Ayesha was moaning. He started fingering her. He was moving his two fingers and masturbating her.

He did it for quite some time then he himself went little down and put the tip of the tongue on her pussy and merely the touch of his tongue on her pussy excited her. She moaned loudly. Then he started licking her vagina. He was licking it in different ways. Sometimes he would just softly play it, sometimes he would insert it deep inside her.Ayesha was enjoying it and we were enjoying it too to see the style of this guy. Meanwhile, he said,

“Ayesha get ready for the ride”

Then he inserted his tongue deep into her vagina and started licking it passionately. Ayesha was floating into the passion. He said,

“Baby it is called tongue Tornado”

“Tongue tornado?”

“Yeah tongue Tornado defined by Mr. Levenstein in the movie American pie”

We both laughed listening to him. He licked her vagina so deeply and intensively and didn’t stop until she cummed.Probably she had her best orgasm. She was jumping by her waist, her body was spasming and Ansh was breathing!!

They took rest for some time and in this period those chocolates which I had kept there in the room. They had it and had a chocolate kiss by transferring the chocolates in each other’s mouth by smooching.

Finally, it was the time thing that we all were waiting for. He said,

“Ayesha are you ready?”

“Wait a minute.”

Ayesha went up to the drawer and brought that napkin and instructed him to place it under her vagina before inserting. Ayesha lied town and Ansh was over her. He was kneeling between the legs of Ayesha. Initially, he just inserted the penis only a bit which was not painful for her. He said,

“Are you ready?”

“yes go for it.”

And he gave a hard stroke. The stroke was so hard that the penis went completely inside her vagina. She was screaming loudly. I could understand her pain, every girl has to go through such experience once in her life and it’s the most memorable one. She can never forget it.

He gave few more hard strokes but when he realized Ayesha could not bear it anymore, he took his penis out it was full of blood. He removed the condom and disposed of it in the box. Then he started to clean Ayesha’s vagina. He was cleaning it very gently. He cleaned all her virgin blood with that white napkin. Ayesha was recovering from pain. He went ahead and kissed her, they kissed for a while.

He gave her few chocolates and said,

“Don’t worry Ayesha, now it won’t be there that much painful”

He took her left leg over his shoulder and inserted his penis again successfully in her vagina. They were in Anvil position. Now he was giving him soft strokes. She was enjoying it. He was pressing her breast while stroking her whereas Ayesha’s hands were on his neck. He was varying his speed from slow to fast and fast to slow.

Soon he left the leg from his shoulder and now he was between her legs. He was stroking her high. Both of them were moaning heavily. Ayesha was in a total mood. Her hands were on his back. She was holding him tightly.

I was surprised to see that she slapped his butts too!!! That kinky surprise made him hornier. He increased his speed.Ayesha was moaning like hell. She had her orgasm. She was not able to take any more. So Ansh took his penis out, it was still rock solid.

Ayesha took some time to get into the normal state after orgasm whereas Ansh had removed his condom and was masturbating. so Ayesha sat down on the bed with her legs keeping out of the bed like sitting on the chair. And Ansh stood up in front of her.

Ayesha took his penis in her hand and started giving him a handjob. I was happy to see that she didn’t take it into her mouth since it wasn’t in a condom. She was giving him strokes and playing with it. Soon Ansh jerked off on Ayesha’s breasts. Ayesha was thrilled by the sight. Both of her breasts were full of cum. They both went into the bathroom to clean themselves.

When they came out, I was surprised to see Ayesha was in the arms of Ansh and they were lip locked. They went to bed and dressed each other. They did final smooching and went to the door. I quickly switched off the TV and we both went to the living room. I could see the satisfaction in their eyes. I asked,

“Everything went well?”

Ansh replied “Yeah aunty, thank you so much. Everything went so well. Thanks a lot” he said “Ayesha see you tomorrow in college”

He bid us goodbye and Ayesha went to drop him out of the home.

Keep reading the journey is on and don’t forget to give your feedback on [email protected] and let me tell again that I am male and the story is fictional. Thank you.