A Beautiful Journey Part 12.txt

Hello, readers welcome back to this beautiful journey. I know you all have enjoyed the journey so far and hope you will enjoy the erotic journey further. I am male and the sex story is fictional. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Ayesha was really happy after the lesbian experience. Now we have merged the gap of the mother-daughter relationship. I was treating her like a friend and now we had become really good friends. I have realized that the physical relations enhance the bonding, the same had happened with us.

We were really happy with each other. Ayesha was having double fun with me and Ansh. I personally believe that there is nothing wrong if she takes lesbianism for fun only so I encouraged her. I would have been definitely worried if she would have been a profound lesbian but bisexual is fine. Many a time it so happened that she would have sex with Ansh in evening and with me at night.

In fact, sometimes it became difficult for me to choose between my hubby and her. Both were asking to sleep with them and in such situation, I would decide upon my mood if I wish to have a penis I would lead to my hubby else Ayesha for vagina.

Everything was going so nicely until one evening she came to me crying. She was crying and sobbing very heavily. It surprised me because I have never made her cry. In fact, I didn’t even remember when she cried last time and all of a sudden her unstoppable crying astonished me. I asked her,

“What happened honey?”

But instead of replying she had hidden her face under the pillow. I could see that the pillow got wet by her tears but she was unstoppable. I turned her around wiped out her tears, gave her a glass of water. She felt better. I kissed her forehead and asked, “what happened Ayesha why are you crying so much?”

She said, “Mamma Ansh ditched me.”


“Yeah, he said he doesn’t love me anymore.”

“But why?”

“He likes another girl now and he said you are already been fucked so he is no more interested in me.”

I was taken aback by her last sentence. Even I felt like crying too but I somehow I controlled myself because I knew if I start crying then she would be really out of control. I didn’t know what to do, so for quite some time I was shocked and she was crying. I went to the kitchen. I cried there a lot, really a lot. All that wedding night arrangements for them were running in front of my eyes. Finally, I recovered myself and went to her room. She was still crying like hell.I gave her the glass of water then I gave her tight hug which she needed badly. She was feeling better. I said,

“Honey don’t think about this issue right now.”

I gave her earphones made her listen to music. I stayed there only, caressed her hair and comforted her until she slept.

I knew that it was a sensitive period for her to move along. So I thought she needs some time to spend with herself.So I asked her to take rest and left the room. I cried a lot after coming out of the room, all my expectations vanished just in a fraction of a second. The sights of Ayesha going through an unbearable pain terribly shook me from within.I couldn’t decide what to do.

For the first time in my life I was in such circumstances that I was not in a position to handle the situation; coincidently my hubby was out of town for a business trip and he was not able to return for a week more so now it was upon me to handle the situation. When I told him he was also astonished by the news but he comforted me.

He said, “Darling what has happened has happened. We can’t change it. It is better that they departed. See what would have happened had the departed after the marriage?”

“Yeah you are right but I am really surprised why Ansh ditched her?”

“Relax Honey accept the situation and comfort and console Ayesha. Make her realize that what happened is not bad at all. In fact, she has saved herself from future troubles. Now it is up to you to handle Ayesha. Provide her comfort. Love you.”

I don’t know about Ayesha but his words comforted me a lot. I had a huge challenge in front of me to get her out of the trauma. I went in her room. She was still crying so I took her out of the room with me. I kept on talking with her about different things so that I can divert her mind. She was still in agony and feeling gloomy.

I cooked her favorite food but she was not ready to eat but somehow I made her have it. I could see that luckily she was slowly getting out of it and I know that the kind of trauma that she had undergone it was really really hard for her to get out of it but she was slowly recovering from it.

I told her “Honey Forget the past. You can’t change what has happened but the future is in your hand. You can shape it like your own wish. Now it is up to you. You want to try on what has happened or you want to just accept the situation and move on.”

“Yeah mumma I understand but it is too hard to forget him”

“I know honey but you have to. And I am very sure that you will get someone better than him. You deserve way better than him. Just imagine what would have happened if he would have ditched you after marriage.”

“Yeah, mummy you are right.”

She understood the fact but still that youthful vigor and rejuvenation were missing so I thought of doing something to drive her out of that psychological trauma.

Suddenly an idea struck to my mind. I decided to surprise her. I got ready for that evening. I had applied deo of the smell that Ayesha loves. I had not cleaned the pubic hair so I cleaned it very quickly. And as usual, the vagina was looking more beautiful after being cleaned.

After doing all the necessary arrangements and I called Ayesha who was there in a nearby garden for a walk. The negative thoughts were whirling into her mind so I suggested her to have a walk and be with nature. I told her,

“Dear go the garden, the mother nature is there to welcome you. Have a walk. Get yourself aspired with fresh ideas.”

She came home. I told her,

“Honey, would you like to have a massage? You will enjoy it” “hmmm seems a good idea. I think I should try it.”

We had tried a massage in Spa in our Goa trip. I have myself never given that kind of massage but I think this was the perfect time. Those who have experienced massage would know that how it relaxes you and probably Ayesha needed such relaxation the most. I told her to get ready and soon she was ready totally naked on her bed. I had put a towel under her bed so that the bed doesn’t get spoilt by the oil.

I took sweet almond oil for massage. I blindfolded her so that she can feel the massage and can help to divert her thoughts I made her lie down on her stomach and started from her feet. I was massaging with two of my fingers. I was doing it very slowly. I was moving upwards towards one back leg. I was putting some extra oil on her inner thighs and was massaging it with my thumb and fingers. She was feeling good.

After massaging her inner thighs, I massaged on her butts. Both of her butts were looking very seductive being oily. I could really feel that she was feeling very relaxing. I massaged on her butts for quite some time then I moved to her back. Her naked back and her sexy waist where making me horny but I knew it wasn’t the perfect time for it.

I poured a good amount of oil on her back and I made sure that no part of our body remains without oil. I was pressing her tension points well and was removing it. The tension points are like small piece rice and when you massage it, it vanishes away and the body feels quite relaxing. As she was depressed there were so many tension points and I was removing all of them slowly and steadily. She was feeling really good.

I went ahead and massaged her back neck. I paid special attention to it and massaged it quite well. Her entire body from her back side was completely massaged.

Now I turned hear around. She was in her normal position. This time I started from the upper part but since she was blindfolded she didn’t know what I would do. I massaged her neck and shoulders and then quickly I moved to her right hand. I messaged her entire hand including her fingers.

Then I moved to the other hand, this time I started from the fingers and moved upwards.

After completing both of her hands, I slowly put each of my each hand on her breasts. The touch of my oily hands on her breasts excited her.

After massaging both her breast with each of my hands, I put both my hands on her right breast. I applied extra oil on it and started massaging with both my hands. I caressed her breast very very slowly, softly and gently.

I pulled her nipple but since it was oily it wasn’t coming so easily. But I massaged it well and the same thing I repeated with the other breast so I am not repeating it here.

The slow massage on the different parts of her breasts made her forget everything. The blindfolding helped too. It made her concentrate on the massage and forget other things. I was not talking much with during the massage because sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Although she was moaning a bit while I was massaging her breasts and inner thighs but it was quite natural.

I moved down and massaged her belly and waist. Her breasts were shining due to oil. I skipped the lower abdominal area and moved directly to her thighs. She was expecting me to massage on her vagina but I moved to her thighs since the thighs were fatter compared to other body parts so it was really nice to massage there. Then I moved to her legs. I massaged both her legs one by one carefully. I carefully massaged her toes and other fingers, then I stopped.

She was really excited. She was expecting me to play with her vagina but I was not doing it. Finally, I touched her vagina with my fingers slowly, moved my fingers on the upper part of her vagina. Then inserted my finger in her vagina since it was oily so the fingers were going inside very very smoothly.

I had inserted both the fingers in her pussy and I was moving it up and down. I kept on moving it up and down. She was moaning but I was not stopping it. Finally, she cummed.Her vaginal movements, the fraction in her labia suggested me that she is ready to cum. And the oily fingers and her oily vagina were making the task easy. She moaned high and cummed off. She was squirting. She was jumping on the bed by her waist but I pressed my fingers gently over her vaginal area that helped her to calm down. She relaxed for quite some time.

I removed her blindfold and asked her,

“How was it, honey?”

“It was so good. I badly needed it. Thanks a lot, mom”

“Good to see that you are feeling better”

I folded my legs and said,

“Honey come sleep in my lap”

She slept in my lap. Her head was in my lap. She was in a perfect position. I was caressing her. I could feel her oily back touching my legs. I smooched her and she was actively smooching me back. We departed after smooching for quite some time. I took my breast and adjust it near her mouth. She immediately started sucking it. I was caressing her hair. I told her,

“Honey, Forget everything. Forget all your pain, sadness. Feel the comfort of mom’s breast. You know the child forgets all his or her pain when he or she is sucking mum’s breast and you are not an exception. Are you enjoying it?”

“Yeah mummy, it feels so good. It feels relaxing. Thanks, mum, thanks a lot.”

She sucked my breast one by one and played with my nipples too. She departed after half an hour and went for the bath. I left the room. When she came out of the room, she seemed quite fresh. I felt so happy that I could help are coming out of the trauma. After all, I am a mother!!

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