A Beautiful Journey Part 13.txt

Hello readers, welcome back to this beautiful journey. I am really overwhelmed by the feedbacks. I am male and the story is fictional let’s enjoy the journey.

I was happy that Ayesha was slowly getting out of the trauma. The kind of trauma that she had undergone, she needed a fair bit of time to come out of it. She realized the fact that Ansh will never come back in her life and now it is useless to cry for him.

She changed the college so now everything was new for her, new people, new atmosphere, and a new beginning. She needed a change. I knew that if she stays in the same college she would not be able to come out of the trauma especially when she would see Ansh with another girl. So the change was necessary for her.

The new college was good. People and the teaching staff were quite friendly to her. She started taking an active part in cultural activities, youth festivals etc. She was getting acquainted with new people, new friends, and new surroundings. The things were seemed to be back on track. We had a short one-day picnic also to get the change. But she didn’t like to be single. I could understand her pain but I knew that time is the biggest heal for her and she was bravely fighting with herself.

Everything was going well. We as parents were giving her the comfort that she needed. I was casually having lesbian affair with her. She was enjoying it, she was also a good lesbo by this time. One day she told me,

“Mamma I need some change. It is not that I don’t like you but I need a penis now. Sorry to say but I badly need it and since you are my best friend so I am telling you directly.Can you help me please?”

“It is good that you told me everything so frankly. I expected such boldness from you and since you have t stated a penis so it is quite natural that you are tired of vagina now.I’ll definitely do something for you”

She made me think about this issue. I really wanted to help her but I didn’t know how to do it. I need to find the answer of this “how”. Many things were running in my mind she was still relatively new in college so I wasn’t in a position to say go and get a guy. I know she would herself find a guy but she would take some time and I didn’t like the idea of one night stand because I think it in today’s world of social media there are chances that someone may take her wrong pictures and make it viral. And having safe sex is also an issue but anyhow I wanted to help her.

This issue kept me thinking for quite some time. Finally, an idea struck to me. That night I told my hubby,

“Baby you know Ayesha is going through and unbearable pain.” “What happened to her?”
“She is tired of having pussy and she badly needs a dick now. I really want to help her.”
“But alas you don’t have a dick!! he said it in a light tone.
“But you have it honey” I replied.
“What? Are you crazy?”
“No, I am not. See I know that you have a crush on her and I have seen it in our Goa trip. Tell honestly, don’t you have?”

He thought for a while and said: “Yeah I have but..”

“Well honey this but is the biggest problem, remember you yourself used to say that anything done with mutual understanding is not bad.”
“Ya I agree, but will she be convinced of it?”
“I shall tell her and see what happens.”

But please don’t force her.”
“Trust me darling I won’t.”

Next day I went in her room in the evening. She was busy with her singing practice. I sat beside her. I sat in a straight position indicating her to lie down in my lap. She kept her head in my lap. I said,

“Are you fine honey?”
“Ya mumma, I’m quite fine.”
“But you seem to be somewhat sad.”
“Well you know the reason for my sadness, don’t you?”

I got little emotional. I leaned forward and kissed her for quite some time but this kiss was not passionate so I departed and told her,

“Honey, I have a solution for you.”
“What solution?”
“You crave for a male right.”
“Yeah but I don’t know where to get one”
“Honey, would you like to have sex with your daddy?”
“Mom are you serious?”
“I am quite serious.”
“But he is my daddy.”
“When did I deny it?”
“Then how can I”
“See let me explain you. Do you like your daddy?”

“Yeah I like him but as a daughter and not as a lover.”

“I understand honey but tell me that day how did you feel touching your dad’s penis?

“It felt nice but I felt distracted.”

“That was not distraction honey, that was actually an attraction. Don’t you like he is masculine personality?”

“Yeah he is handsome but I am his daughter”

“I know that honey but what I mean to say is if you feel sexually attracted to him then there is nothing wrong in it.Because you are after all a male and female and opposite attraction is quite natural.”

“Really mom, Can I have sex with him?”

“Yes, my darling you can. See dad is the first hero of every girl. Every girl tries to find a personality resembling her dad in her husband. So it is very natural.”

“But mum would he like to sleep with me?”

“Well honey, you would be surprised to know that he is ready and said he will if you don’t mind but he doesn’t want to force you.”

“Awww he is so good.”

“Yes, he is. So now it is up to you.

“Mom I am confused what shall I do? Can you guide me as a friend?”

“Well if you take my opinion then I would say that you should go for it. See don’t consider incest as a taboo. When both of you are really willing then there is nothing wrong in it. It is called Electra Complex where daddy daughter are feeling attracted to each other so there is nothing wrong, the basic question is do you like him sexually?”

“I don’t know mummy”

“Ok tell me how did you feel playing with the dick of your father on the trip?”

“Frankly speaking mamma I liked it. The masculine personality of dad always attracted me but I never thought that I can go to such an extreme level.”

“Well tell me had he not been your dad, would you sleep with her?”

“Yeah I guess I would.”

“That’s it honey, if you like him you should go for it. And you know even Brahma got sexually attracted to his daughter. Being God he could not control himself then we are merely human beings. So it is quite natural.

“And what would be the opinion according to a mom?”

Well as a mom also I would say that you should go for it because your sex drive is getting immense and these days it is not advisable to trust anybody for sex so I don’t recommend you to have a one night stand. It is better that you satisfy your lust with me and your dad until you find a bf or a hubby”

“Well Mummy I think I am too young to have a hubby and I don’t have a bf so I think I should go for it.”

“That’s my girl. Go for it and don’t worry we should take proper care for you.

Keep reading the journey is on and don’t forget to give your feedback on [email protected] and let me clarify that I am male and the story is a work of fiction.

Thank you