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Well my name is Ayan and my forefathers are from Iran. I am well built have 7 inch dick. Well coming to the topic in summer vacations i used to wake up late and had tea very late . What used to happen was that for washing clothes my mother had kept to lady servants who came to wash clothes. Due to my late awakal they used to drink the tea made for me. One day am idea came when i was watching a triple . And fantasized of having sex with the small girl accompanied with her mother. The war very thin and little boobs. On other hand her mother was well developed and had 38 sized breasts. Her daughter was about 15 years old. Well being a medical student i know what to do and make her do sex with me. There are some drugs that cause hypnotism and used for sex.

What i did i mixed the hypnotic drug in the tea and with it the sexual turn on pill when my mother was not at home. I waited for some time and waited for the drug to work. Well to check the progress me drug i went to the cloth washing side and saw that the woman war not wearing any bra and her nipples were erect and could be seen under her clothes. As i went near her she was eyeing me like a hungry lion ready to jump on the prey. I asked her where her little daughter is she said she is in bathroom. Well the bathroom was a little away from house and contain a peep hole.when i looked through the hole i war surprised to see her naked and frantically rubbing her pussy and to my surprise the door war unlocked. I opened the door and freaked her out. She innocently said that something had caused itch in her pussy .i said its okay and i will treat it.I told her to come and follow me to my room.i told her to take off the clothes and she obediently did what she was told to do.i took out oil put on her pussy and rubbed it .she screamed in pleasure. Now i took out a condom and put in on my dick. Inserted it in a go and she shrieked in pain and her pussy started bleeding and after few strokes she started enjoying and came with me. After sex with her went out and rammed her mother