A Bus Journey.txt

Being a sales person during my younger days had to visit a lot of rural areas by whatever available modes of transport like state transport bus; auto rickshaw; trucks or whatever possible. During one of my visits i got very late and got to catch the last bus to Ahmedabad (almost 8 hrs journey) After getting in only the last seat was vacant; from the next stop a couple along with 2 kids got into the bus.

So I got to the side and let the family take the window seat. The husband who was drunk went to sleep almost immediately; the lady was struggling with both the kids as there was less space and the small kid started crying; she was looking around for something so i asked her if i could help her, she had forgotten the water bottle and was scared if her husband knew he will beat her. I shared my water bottle with her; she gave me a smile and even in this darkness i could see the glow on her face and her smile.

When the bus stopped at a hotel for refreshments I got down, the lady also got down with her kids. I saw her in full light and was amazed, she was gorgeous, very fair with all the right curves and a perfect body. Especially in her Ghaghara and traditional choli could see her fair skin and her sexy waist which would looked very sexy while she walked, with her long Ghaghara it would look like she was gliding on land. She was worried and looking around (I guessed she wanted to go for loo) so i asked her to leave the sleeping kid on the cot and I will look after her.

After returning she gave me a broad smile; after which we had some snacks and tea and she stayed besides me always. After getting in we found that the husband had already moved to another seat in front so she gave one kid to her husband so she could have some space for the other kid to sleep. While we were seated I could not get her out of my mind or sight; so ventured my hands near her to touch her but I could not touch her (did not have the guts).

Hence went to sleep; after sometime I found something heavy on my shoulder and there she was sleeping with her head on my shoulder and the kid on her lap. Finding the opportunity and the devil inside me telling me that even she wants it; I touched her hand but she did not move and was sleeping; so I ventured my fingers deeper to touch her waist ( it was an amazing feeling with goose bumps all over my body) with this touch she sank deeper on my shoulder; my devil took over and

I tried to move my hand over her boobs (they were in a perfect conical shape and hard) but i was scared and tried to take back my hands and grabbed her hands, she responded and grabbed my hands and creped on my hands. I got bold and started moving my other hand over her navel and then her boobs and that very moment the bus hit a bump hard and we all jumped from our seats, she awoke and found my hands on her thighs.

She was scared and then got angry and stared at me with a non-verbal dialogue (how dare you!) She moved back to her side and covered herself with the sari and looked at me with a stern look. I understood whatever happened till now was when she was asleep and she did not consent to it; i got dead scared and did not move and slept. Suddenly i found her hands gripping me and with her left hand she took my hand and kept it on her shoulder; i was shocked at first but she gave me a beautiful smile.

I immediately grabbed her in my arms and kissed her on her forehead; she sunk herself in my arms and looked up at me, i gently planted a kiss on her lips, she responded and started sucking my lips, we started exploring each other, forgot the whole world around us and even forgot her husband. She got shy and smiled at me, i grabbed her and made her sleep on my lap and she took my hand and put them on her boobs;

I started squeezing them; with her hands she made me squeeze them even harder; i was fondling her boobs and knelt down to feel her neck with my lips, she was electrified and could see the goose bumps on her, she closed her eyes with an expression she wants more. I wanted to touch her nipples but she did not have any buttons on her blouse, so she loosened her blouse with a thread from her back free for me to explore her soft tits,

I wanted to take them in my mouth, when i knelt down to suck them she took the blanket and put it over us. I felt them and sucked them and bite them with my hands moving over her thighs and trying to lift her Ghaghara. I felt her thighs and let my hands move all over, slowly i moved my fingers to her cunt and she tightened her legs and my hands got crushed; maybe she was already having an orgasm, with her eyes closed and lower lips between her teeth she was a sex goddess.

The space was getting cramped we were losing control, so she moved the kid to the side and made me move to the window side so we can be hidden from all the people in the bus. Behind the seat no one could notice us. Now we got bolder and started exploring each other wildly. I went down and sat on the floor between her legs, I slowly lifted her Ghaghara and started kissing her legs slowly and moved to her thighs, she was getting wild when

I reached her inner thighs she immediately got my head and pressed it deep between her thighs, I could smell her cunt which at that time was a musk perfume. I freed myself first and then started licking her around the cunt, she held her legs wide open for me, I started licking her cunt & she also started moving her legs with the rhythm of my tongue, when it was completely wet I took my middle finger and started moving inside her she was enjoying it, then

I slowly put two fingers inside her and there she was all excited and started sweating, she started moving her cunt vigorously and then held them tight with my fingers stuck between them, and then she sighed with tears in her eyes she looked down at me and kissed me. She looked satisfied. I got up from there and leaked in my pants (it was all wet). She looked at it and started laughing, then she took my tool in her hand and started stroking it; then she too got down on the floor like me and took it in her mouth (I was amused at the ability of a rural girl so good at Oral sex)

By the time i could feel it she had already taken it in her mouth and was sucking it like a pro. I got an erection again and my tool was filling her mouth completely but she was awesome and took it inside completely when I was about to ejaculate i showed her and she kept on sucking it and took my entire cum inside her. She licked it clean and then kissed it and put it back inside my pants.

Time passed like seconds and it was almost day-break, she tied her blouse and went back to her side; I wanted to feel her more but she refused. During the entire time we did not talk to each other, neither did we know each other’s name. I tried to scribble my tell no on the back of the ticket and gave it to her, but she refused to take it.

Even today i wish i could have had her for more.