A Day Of Amusement With Maid.txt

To tell about myself I am 35 yrs old single and currently staying alone @ Bangalore. Incident was a long time back. Not disclosing particulars about the person’s name. I live in Bangalore. The day turned out to be a great day indeed. I have taken a small house.

Since I will be home during weekends I used to keep maid for housekeeping activities during weekends. I have no great intentions of sex to be clear. But a day turned out all of a sudden unexpectedly. It was on Sunday I used to wake up bit late. The door bell rang and it was maid who woke me up. I was wearing only shorts and opened the door.

She came as usual with good looking sari. To describe about her she was looking avg but the figures are maintained. The shape of her body and tits were perfect curvy in nature. The structure turned the avg looking girl to be a perfect fit for sex. She started doing the work.

Since previous day I had lot of work I was bit tired and asked her to prepare coffee for both and she obediently made a cup of coffee and served. It was around 9:00 am she completed all her housekeeping activities and was about to leave.

She left and around that time it started raining. Her house seems to be at a distance of 20 to 25 mins. She used to walk and go home.

In the mid of the way she was trapped in rain and it was raining heavily. She returned to my home since it was raining heavily. She was already almost wet. The door bell rang and I opened it was her. She immediately came in. Since she was wet and was with saree her structure got exposed. Till that I had no intention.

She directly went inside the bathroom and started to dry her clothes and asked for a towel. Since I was with bare body and trousers something pricked my mind. Also our bathroom door cannot be closed properly.

Since I stay alone I used to manage. But when I gave the towel just was returning I could see her with blouse and petticoat. The moment aroused me. She tried removing her blouse and saw me and asked me what I am doing.

My heart started beating fast and hit my brain. I left and she removed the blouse. Once she removed I came again and saw her this time I went inside. She was stunned to see me and she was wearing bra and petticoat.

She started breathing fast and she covered the body with both hands. She was asking me to leave but I was not ready. Since it was raining heavily the noise of her shouting could not be heard outside. So I went inside and she started to shiver.

I immediately grabbed her. She was unable to say anything. I started kissing her lips. She started murmuring and breath was fast.  So my hands started the activity. Slowly I removed the two hands to see the perfect shape of her two lovely balls. It was awesome.

I slowly removed the bra and kissed from her neck and then into the breast. Breasts with the nipple was awesome. I started sucking it. Wow what a lovely feeling it was. The nipples got slightly tight and I was playing with it both my hands and with my mouth. She started reacting to it. And she grabbed me. The moment made me the day. Still it was raining heavily and my mood has started increasing with every touch.

I grabbed her and took her to the bedroom. While walking I grabbed her butt. Muuuhhh what a feeling it was. The round butt was in perfect shape. In the bedroom I made her lay down. Again started grabbing her breast and licking for some more time. Her mood also started to increase it was evident by her moves for every action.

Then comes the down portion. I removed the petticoat which she was wearing. She was with dirty underwear. But my mood was on I didn’t take note of those and started playing with it. I started licking her thighs wow great feeling for both.

Since it was the first time my dick aroused full tight and standing straight like a flag hosting wand waiting for something. But I wanted to carry on with the oral. So I started rubbing her pussy. I could see the pussy getting wet which I could feel the liquid coming out.I asked her had she had feeling before. She was very happily nodded and it was just like a first time she was feeling. I removed her underwear and started licking the pussy along with fingering.

She suddenly started saying faster faster in local language and something was about to come from her pussy. I continued still and there came the squirting an awesome squirt which made my day. I was happy during the first time it had appeared. Wow what a taste I was about to cum but I hold on my breath and controlled it in such a way it will take time since the session is not yet completed.

Then I wanted to have the taste of the butt now I moved my mouth to butt but she was not ready for it.But I said everything will be fine. I lifted her leg and placed on my two shoulders.

Now the butt hole will be clearly visible. Wow what a great to see the butt hole. Immediately I started to lick it. Wow the squirt juice slowly came and fell into butt. The taste inside the butt had a great feeling. After sometime my dick called why leaving me I wanted the action please utilize.

Then I started with the missionary position it was great feeling. Then came doggy style wow. All I tried and made use of the advantage. The day was super and it was unexpected but the rainy day turned to be my day.

Thanks all for reading my sex story. If the sex story seems to be interesting please rate it all ladies, women who are married or single and wish to have great pleasure like the one I described can ping me to my mail id : [email protected] Will respond asap and help to have a wonderful day.